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There are many mysteries in the IT and telecom industry, but one of them is Android's. Android was created buy Andi Rubin, one of the founders of WebTV and later of Danger. Android was recently acquired by Google.
When you search on Google and Android, you find almost nothing. Android's site is all but closed and empty, and Google removed the cached pages.
Android was described here and there as the typical "stealth" company, nobody knowing exactly what it was about. But that's not completely true. If you visit Curitel's web site, you can see that they produced a phone, the
GA-400B that was based on Android's technology. There's only one simple page left: http://www.curitel.com/english/product/gsm/GA-400B.asp and that might not last, so here is the picture:


Not bad, isn't it?

The interesting thing with the phone is that you can change the cover, and that will automatically change the skin of the UI. That's about all we know...

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