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Effectuation workshop at Vlerick School

On 7 and 8 December 2009, IMD and Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School invite scholars and instructors from across Europe to come to Ghent, Belgium to share their experience, learn from colleagues and co-create the future delivery of effectuation for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Effectuation is a logic of entrepreneurial expertise, developed from a cognitive science based study of 27 founders of companies ranging in size from $200 million to $6.5 billion. Effectuation articulates a dynamic and interactive process of creating new artifacts in the world.  Effectual reasoning is a type of human problem solving that takes the future as fundamentally unpredictable, yet controllable through human action; the environment as constructible through choice; and goals as negotiated residuals of stakeholder commitments rather than as pre-existent preference orderings (Source: www.effectuation.org).

The workshop is run by Stuart Read, from IMD, and Miguel Meuleman and Jan Lepoutre, from Vlerick.

The workshop is organized with the support of Flanders DC.

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Adademic Enterprise Award

The Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES) will take place on December 10th in Paris. ACES is the only pan-European programme to recognize entrepreneurship at academic institutions. ACES is a mixture of keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities.

Speakers inlcude:

  • Jean-Philippe Courtois, President, Microsoft International, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Corp.
  • Bart Gordon, United States Congressman, Chairman of the Committee on Science and Technology in the U.S. House of Representatives
  • David Eyton, Group Vice President, Research and Technology, BP
  • Cyrille van Effenterre, President of ParisTech.
In addition, ACES organizes awards. The awards gives public recognition to those researchers, engineers, professors, students and government officials in Europe who have done the most in 2009 to foster a culture of enterprise on campus. This can be through taking the risk of launching a spinout company, developing a discovery into a marketable innovation (at the risk of the tenure-track publication record), or promoting policies that create a receptive environment for entrepreneurship on campus.

For more information: ACES.

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